This blog began with a series of emails I sent out early in 2008 to family and friends about the risk of a dollar collapse and the strategies that can protect one’s savings against it. I had been studying our monetary system and the various problems entailed by a currency that has no peg to gold or any other real asset, and felt compelled to share what I was learning. The information seemed worth sharing with a broader audience, and so I started this blog.

The complexity of some concepts in economics and finance tends to discourage people from examining not only the monetary system, but also economics and investing in general. I aspire to make this information accessible to a broad audience. In the future I plan to expand my topics to include investing for ecological and economic sustainability, strategies for localizing economic resources, and basic concepts in economics and investing.

I hope that you find my blog helpful and invite you to share your ideas by commenting on the articles. If there are topics you would like me to cover, or to cover in greater depth, please let me know.

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